Control Room Ergonomics and Best Practices

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This introductory webinar will provide a brief overview of key considerations and best practices of the ergonomics in control room environments. This webinar will be part of a series of Control Room Ergonomic Webinars, which will present a range of topics from Basic to Advanced, going into more details of system design, intervention effectiveness, and applications within selected control room markets.

Keynote Speaker: Steve WhitleyDesign Matters

Topics: Lighting, Noise and Traffic

  • Key considerations and best practices
  • How to address common control room issues

Presenter: Elizabeth Karadizian Winsted

Topics: Operator Console and Desktop Ergonomics

  • Key considerations when designing and choosing a console
  • Layouts and viewing monitors at the desktop

Presenter: Kevin Barlow Draper

Topics: Video Wall Mounting Solutions

  • ADA compliance considerations
  • Custom and off-the-shelf structures
  • Seismic and safety considerations

Presenter: Shawn Brady Mitsubishi Electric

Topics: Choosing The Right Display Technology

  • Ergonomic viewing distance
  • Display wall technologies for mission critical operations

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