TELUS Government of Canada Network Operations Centre – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

TELUS Corporation is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television.

TELUS GCNOC (Government of Canada Network Operations Centre) provides WAN, LAN & VoIP support for up to 4500 Government locations under the following two Canadian Government contracts:

Government of Canada Network (GCNET): SSC engaged with industry on the next phase of one component of its GCNet project, as part of the Telecommunications Transformation program. GCNet WAN Services address the work required to consolidate the wide area networks (WAN) while reducing the complexity and overall costs. It also eliminates duplication and streamlines operations, delivers a consistent service, enhances WAN Security as well as program delivery to Canadian citizens and businesses. The project was established to consolidate, modernize and streamline the Government’s existing 50 wide area networks into a single network service for data and Internet access.

Workplace Communication Services (WCS): This is a Shared Services effort aimed at upgrading the technology used by government employees at their desks. Ordinary telephone service is to be replaced by Voice-Over-Internet Protocol phones, and employees will be equipped with desktop video and the ability to send instant messages

The Mitsubishi Display Wall System provides the TELUS GCNOC the ability and flexibility to monitor a variety of tool sets in one large canvas greatly enhancing the operational environment.

The TELUS team evaluated various technologies to meet their display requirements and the Mitsubishi DLP™ Display Wall Systems were chosen because it offered the lowest cost-of-ownership over the anticipated life of the control room, with the lowest power consumption and lowest heat dissipation, virtually no consumables and no maintenance over 6.8 years of 24x7x365 operation. Further, the system is backed up by Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada, the direct subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Japan who not only maintains an inventory of all critical spares in Canada, but also employs factory-trained display wall specialists to assist with the installation and ongoing maintenance if required.

The Mitsubishi Display Wall System provides a large 150.7 sq. ft. visually seamless 30.7’ Wide x 4.9’ High digital canvas with 14 times high-definition resolution and unique features to maintain uniformity of color & brightness over the entire display wall automatically throughout the operating life of the system with minimal maintenance requirements.

The display is controlled with a Display Wall Controller based on Industrial COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) hardware and Mitsubishi Electric’s DWALL Display Wall Control & Management Software. This software is extremely flexible and easy-to-use with a simple to operate GUI (Graphical User Interface), permitting the GCNOC team to display virtually any connected real time information source: data, graphics, applications, networked computers or video anywhere and in any size to meet operational requirements and promote collaborative decision-making.

The Mitsubishi Display Wall System also permits TELUS to demonstrate operational efficiencies to key stake holders of the project.