Utility Management and Process Control

Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad range of control room video wall displays for utility management and process control.

Mitsubishi Electric video walls are used in control rooms all over the world to help manage traffic flows, telecom networks, energy grids, critical public utilities such as gas & wastewater, and public transportation systems. Our control room display wall systems have been engineered for extremely high reliability and 24/7 durability. Over 89,000 Mitsubishi Electric video walls have been installed globally, keeping millions of people safe, comfortable and productive.

Designed for SCADA, EMS network topology and Venn diagrams

One of Mitsubishi Electric’s key engineering focus areas is on the image quality provided by our control room video walls. In utilities and process control, it is important to have a SCADA network feed traverse from one screen to the next with pixel–to–pixel accuracy. To do this we have incorporated proprietary design and manufacturing process control to ensure accurate and consistent displays.

To ensure different lines within a SCADA map are distinguished, we have incorporated our Digital Color Space Control Circuit and our proprietary 14–Bit Gamma Correction Circuit. These two image enhancing circuits ensure that color accuracy is met, allowing the operator to distinguish between red and orange lines.

Mitsubishi Electric is the worldwide leader in mission-critical and extended use of video walls for large-scale visualization applications. Our mission is to provide reliable and durable collaboration and visualization displays that offer the utmost level of performance, quality and value.

Performance — Mitsubishi Electric’s video wall products have been painstakingly engineered to provide the best possible image quality from the first day they are installed. Every feature and performance characteristic undergoes continuous engineering to ensure that our display walls have unsurpassed image quality for the life of the product.

Quality — Our dedication to quality is paramount in our business, from engineering to system integration. Mitsubishi Electric puts careful consideration on every design component, manufacturing process, and system integration to achieve the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

Value — Along with providing a low Total Cost of Ownership, we are committed to ensuring that you never have to worry about your display wall’s performance so you can focus on the critical tasks you face on a daily basis.