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Large display wall quality is not simply based on specifications, resolution and brightness. Technologies developed without applying know-how accumulated through experience in the field can never truly provide the best solutions for customers’ needs. For over 90 years, Mitsubishi Electric has been using its leading-edge technologies to help create a better tomorrow for all. Since entering the visual information systems business in 1962, we have maintained a commitment to ensuring the quality, reliability and continuing technological innovation of our products.

In today’s information-driven society, choosing, handling, and sharing information is more important than ever, and the role of large-scale display systems in centralized facilities continues to grow. Having installed more than 70,000 display wall systems in use around the world, we are now the global leader for large, mission-critical, extended-use display wall solutions.

Whether a utilities network, public transportation system, or emergency response team, it is vital to quickly, efficiently, and reliably share information. That is why we assist customers in choosing the best system for visualizing and managing their operations. Our vast experience, technologically advanced product lineup, and global service network enable us to deliver optimal solutions to every command and control room.

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