Eco changes for a greener tomorrow

Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow

As part of its ongoing environmental efforts, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Visual and Imaging Systems Division (ME-VIS) joined the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company’s (MRM) national recycling initiative. Your ME-VIS TV can be recycled at no charge to the consumer through MRM’s growing infrastructure of drop-off locations around the United States. We encourage all of our customers to recycle their used electronics. All waste computer monitors, portable computers, digital picture frames, televisions, portable DVD players, desktop printers, VCRs, and video game consoles should be recycled.

When Mitsubishi joined the MRM program, in 2009, David Thompson, president of MRM said, “MRM is immensely pleased to welcome Mitsubishi to the growing family of manufacturers seeking to provide environmentally responsible recycling opportunities to customers in all 50 states. With the popularity of new television technologies, we are seeing a tremendous need for recycling televisions and we applaud Mitsubishi for its efforts to help the environment and make recycling easier for consumers”

By joining MRM’s recycling initiative, ME-VIS bolstered its existing eco-friendly efforts, including advancements in reducing the energy consumption of its products. ME-VIS has a robust selection of highly energy efficient TVs including the company’s Home Theater TV series and LaserVue® TVs. The LaserVue, model L75-A94 has been designated as one Most -Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2012.

For a listing of MRM recycling drop-off locations, please visit MRM can also be reached toll free at 1-888-769-0149. Also check your state and local government web sites for more information about local laws and electronics recycling options.

Recycling Your Electronic Products

LAMPS INSIDE MANY OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN MERCURY AND MUST BE RECYCLED OR DISPOSED OF ACCORDING TO LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS. For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities or the Electronic Industries Alliance at

Your Owner’s Guide will note whether or not your product contains a Mercury bulb.

West VA Residents Recycling Information:

Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC
Toll-Free Number: 888.769.0149
Website –

Maine Electronic Waste and Recycling Information

We encourage all of our customers to recycle their used electronics. All waste computer monitors, portable computers, digital picture frames, televisions, portable DVD players, desktop printers VCRs, and video game consoles generated by households in Maine must be recycled. Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle your e-waste in your area. For more information about Maine’s electronic waste law, please visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website at

California Electronic Waste Recycling Information


The Mitsubishi Electric Group is committed globally to reducing our impact on the Environment. Under the banner of our Environmental Vision 2021 we commit to preserving our planet for future generations. To find out more about Mitsubishi Electric’s environmental activities across the globe visit our Global Environmental Portal

Mitsubishi Electric’s environmental statement expresses the Group’s stance on environmental management, communicating our commitment to continuously strive for a greener tomorrow.

Through Eco Changes we are helping contribute to the realization of a low carbon, recycling-based society through a wide range of technologies and businesses for homes, offices, factories, infrastructure and even outer space.

More about Eco Changes

Environmental Vision 2021

From a global perspective, Environmental Vision 2021 is the long-term environmental management vision of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. It establishes a framework for the Group in order to realize a sustainable society, and defines long-term initiatives to prevent global warming and to create a recycling-based society.

More about Environmental Vision 2021