Taking event photography printing to the next level with Byron Faudie

Smile, I do the rest

Our customers call on us to take great pictures, brand them, and have them printed and ready right there in the field

Byron Faudie: Owner / Photographer eSportsPhoto.net

About my photography business: My company is divided into 2 main parts. The first is eSportsPhoto, which specializes in sports and event photography with onsite printing. Our customers call on us to take great pictures, brand them, and have them printed and ready for participants right there in the field. The durability and versatility of the Mitsubishi CPK60DW-S Photo Printer is the best solution for us to accomplish this goal. I chose the CP-K60DW-S printers for lots of reasons. We don’t work all day inside a studio, in fact, many times we aren’t inside at all. As a full service sports imaging company, our office is beside the field, near the docks, or around the track. These printers are durable and portable. Even though they are light enough to easily transport and set-up where needed, the printer bodies are made of steel not plastic. Also, the design prevents dust from getting inside the front of the printer. That is important.

Four years ago, eSportsPhoto expanded to offering photo booths. The Photobooth by eSportsPhoto brings a fun photo experience to a variety of business and social events. Again, the versatility of the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Photo Printer lets us make dual photo strips in seconds as people are leaving the booth. Guests always have a great time in the photo booth. Then they are treated to photo strips that print quickly, look great, and are durable enough to survive guests purses and pockets throughout the event. The operators love being sent on assignment with the CP-K60DW-S also. Operators enjoy the long rolls of paper that lasts for hours. When they do run out, the media and paper gets changed at the same time. In a minute they have the ribbons changed out and have a new roll of paper fed into the paper path, and are quickly back to business.

As a small business, operational excellence plays directly to the bottom line. With my old printing solution, I had to keep rolls of different size papers, and different width ribbons in stock and sometimes have 3 boxes of different media in use at the same time. Mitsubishi’s CP-K60DW-S prints my dual cut 2×6 photo strips for the photo booth, 4×6 event photos, 6×6 photos for Instagram hashtag printing,and the nice 6×8 team and event portraits all from the same media – and it does it at 40% lower cost of a 4X6 than I paid before. With my Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S, I can now enjoy offering a larger 6X8 print output at more than 50% lower cost than the previous 5X7. Also, the printer reduces waste by rolling back unused portions of media and using them in the next print as needed.

Aside from the equipment, what are my tips for having a successful photo shoot? Engage the subjects. Make them look their best, and make them look at you. This seems very obvious when you do headshots, portraits, or formals – but it is as important in team pictures, red carpet walks, and even athletes crossing the finish line. eSportsPhoto does our best to not have to “sneak” the shot. We aim to have our subjects aware and participating in making even great event candid photos. The first reaction is for someone to tell me they hate pictures of themselves. I still ask them to smile and tell them, “I do the rest.” After I shoot it, they see it on the monitor, and by the time they convinced themselves they actually do look good – I’m handing them the print to take home and admire forever.