All I want for Christmas is a Photo with Santa

Delivering a magical experience every time

Giving a photo to a loved one is a treasured gift, and an integral part of family life. ”

Ed Warchol: President / Cherry Hill Photo

Ever since photography was invented, people shared their photos – they framed and mounted them on the wall, put them in albums and carried them in their wallets. But with the advent of digital photography in recent times, most people share their photos electronically, post them on social media sites and display them on their computers.

Today, a printed photo can be somewhat of a novelty. But there is one type that has stood the test of time: a photo with Santa. And when families go to the mall, one of the most important stops is at the traditional Santa Experience for a photo.

“Fewer people are printing at home, so the value of the Santa photo has increased,” said Ed Warchol, president, Cherry Hill Photo. “Giving a photo to a loved one is a treasured gift, and an integral part of family life.” According to Cherry Hill Photo, a company with more than fifty two years of experience with Santa photos, they’ve seen an increase in printed photo sales. Cherry Hill Photo, one of the biggest “Santa Suppliers” in the country, currently sends out over 500 Santas to malls, shopping centers and department stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

With so many years of operation, Cherry Hill Photo knows that producing a positive Santa experience includes a smooth-running, professional operation that uses the highest quality printers. That’s why they count on Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printers in many of their centers.

Added Warchol, “When your entire business is about ensuring that magical experience with Santa, it is extremely important that we deliver high quality, timeless prints to our customers. The Mitsubishi Electric printers have always offered extreme reliability and quickness. That, along with an excellent overall experience, is what our valuable customers expect.” Mitsubishi Electric’s dye sublimation printers are an integral part of the Santa photo experience, and they create a richly colored and detailed print that everyone enjoys. They also print in different sizes with a unique roll-type mechanism that insures jam-free reliability, which is required for demanding, high volume applications.

With Cherry Hill Photo, when people walk out of the mall with their kids, they have many beautiful prints in their hands to keep and share. Because the Santa photo is so popular, Cherry Hill is enjoying an increase in sales from its operations and is looking forward to the next holiday season.

“We’re selling our biggest package with the highest number of prints—and they’re selling better than they ever did,” said Warchol. “We’re glad to know that our photos will be in so many happy homes this Christmas.”