Three Reasons Why You Should Offer Engagement Photo Shoots

As an event photographer you’ve probably shot a lot of weddings, but have you considered expanding your services to go beyond event day? Wedding photography is a lucrative industry, but the competition is steep and many photographers are beginning to offer their clients a little something extra to sweeten the deal. Most couples opt for an engagement session before the big day, and why not hire a wedding photographer who will include a complimentary engagement shoot or at a discounted rate. If you’ve hesitated to provide such a service to your clients for one reason or another, you may want to consider the value of such a service.

1. An engagement shoot allows you to get more one-on-one time with your clients before the big day. Unless your clients are professional models, chances are they won’t be too comfortable in front of a camera and unfamiliar photographer. An engagement shoot gives you more time to get to know your clients and get them to relax around you and your camera. It will also give you the unique opportunity to learn more about your clients’ preferred styles and any concerns they may have. This prep work will only help you become better prepared for the impending nuptials.

2. As an event photographer, your ability to get creative and experiment can be somewhat limited, especially if the event is running on a time-sensitive schedule. Offering engagement shoots will provide you with the opportunity to express your creativity in a variety of ways that may differ from event day. Engagement photos can also add some variety to your professional portfolio or website, give it that creative edge it may have been missing. Beautifully unique photographs in an array of settings and techniques can better show potential clients your skills.

3. The question many wedding photographers have when it comes to offering engagement sessions is, is it worth it? Engagement photos are really dual purpose these days; it’s not just about the pretty photographs anymore. Engagement photos are commonly used in many ways for the big day. Many couples will use their engagement photos to create “save-the-date” announcements. Another wedding trend on the rise is to create a photo book comprised of engagement photos and blank space to use as a guest book. Some couples use their engagement photos as decor for wedding related festivities, such a centerpieces or table numbers. With the proper equipment, such as a dye-sublimation printer, these are all products you could offer your clients after the engagement shoot. Mitsubishi’s Duplex Printer is the perfect tool for creating beautiful double-sided pages for photo books and save-the-dates.

Whether you choose to offer a complimentary engagement shoot with your priciest package or offer an engagement session at a discounted rate, providing your clients with the option to take engagement photos will do wonders for your photography business. Take the opportunity to connect with your clients, get creative, and provide them with even more photography options.