10 Tips For Growing A Photography Business

Wedding album and photos
Wedding album and photos

The untamed creative space is the direct polar opposite of the structured business space. Growing a photography business requires an intimate coupling of the two worlds to create a wildly creative business professional. The tips below may give you some insight on just how to do that.

1. Professionalism Is Key

Every entrepreneur establishes a rapport with their clientele. This equates to selling yourself rather than your product. Accommodation, business etiquette, and personal investment into our client all play a vital role in rapport. Rapport is the foundation of loyalty and customer retention.

2. Marketing Strategy

A relevant marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. Relevant means knowing what sells your business and what doesn’t. A photographer’s calling card is their portfolio. The marketing strategy used should drive traffic to that portfolio.

3. Prominent Website

A prominent website that showcases your portfolio is essential. Put your best works on the website. The nature of photography is to display life in a polished time capsule on display, so the website should be an accurate depiction of your style and flair.

4. Do Not Underestimate Word of Mouth

Photography is unique in that it is an extremely personal arena. Photographers capture glimpses of people’s lives and are invited to a variety of events to do so. References will speak volumes of the experiences that people had using your company. Word of mouth should be held sacred and protected.

5. Social Media Presence

Social media is essential in building a network. People will be sharing their events, and more specifically, your pictures. This is unpaid advertising at its finest. Be on the social platforms that your clients are on, comment on their shares, interact with your clients and their friends. Have them include a tag to keep the chain going.

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6. Be A Forever Learner

The digital world is forever changing, so you must be a forever learner. Keep an open mind to learn new things and subscribe to the latest trends. Keep a watchful eye on social media to see where those trends are going and incorporate them into your social media as offerings. This is part of staying relevant to your audience.

7. Take Time For Yourself

Setting boundaries is a necessary evil. To perform at your best, you will need to clear your head and immerse yourself in downtime. Burning the candle at both ends leads to less than quality work and a loss of passion.

8. Time Management & Organization

Time management and organization play a huge part in being able to handle larger volumes of work. This is also the biggest hurdle you will need to overcome if your focus is 100% on your creativity.

9. The World Is A Stage

Half of life is showing up. Attending performances and events serve the dual purpose of networking and learning more about your craft. Be ready to whip out a business card to promote your creative prowess as a photographer. The topic comes up at these events frequently.

10. Be Financially Aware

Focus on how much your time is worth. Photographers spend a lot of time “not photographing.” There’s preliminary consultations to determine what your clients want, planning locations and equipment needed, and post-editing to clean up the details and ready for printing. 

It’s important to balance your income vs expenses. Ensure that you’re walking clients through this process to demonstrate the value you’re bringing them. This will help clients understand some of the added expense that you might incur for specialty shoots.

Turn a passion into a profession

Making the transition from creative to business-creative can feel overwhelming. If you follow this guide and take it one step at a time, you will have a successful, flourishing business in no time.