Video Wall Controllers and Software

Enhance control and collaboration for all mission-critical applications

Control what matters for mission-critical, large visualization control rooms

Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete video wall eco-system, with a variety of different video wall technologies, image processing and system control all designed to work efficiently together to deliver optimum reliability and control. The Mitsubishi Electric 4Diamond Grid controllers offer an open, customizable platform to address the complexities and needs of each command and control application. The 4DiamondGrid controllers offer a mix solution of internal processing, centralized processing, native IP processing or a hybrid processing solution, custom designed for your application.

  • Complete image processing solution
  • Industrial grade controllers to meet the high demands of mission-critical applications
  • Fully customizable to meet any system requirements
  • Small footprint in a robust design
  • Powerful web-based user interface software

Enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control management

The controllers are pre-installed with Mitsubishi Electric’s own D-Wall and 4DiamondGrid software, the video wall controller helps manage both input devices and its output to the video wall, controlling the display layout and effortlessly routing images and content from any source, anywhere on the display. Mitsubishi D-Wall software delivers all the control you need in one powerful package. The intuitive platform manages all aspects of the setup, configuration and daily use of the controller and Mitsubishi Video Wall products. Consisting of Server and Control components, D-Wall software manages all the devices in the display wall system including the base computer. D-Wall Control can be installed on operator computers (D-Wall clients) providing them with an integrated, intuitive and totally reliable user interface. The S-SF is an IP-based system capable of handling all data such as computer images, CCTV cameras, and numerous applications connected through an IP network. This IP-based visualization and management system allows for greater scalability and more efficient operations in command and control rooms.

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