LED Video Walls

Engineered for mission-critical command and control room applications

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Engineered for mission-critical, large scale visualization applications

As a pioneer in the mission critical display market with over 89,000 units installed world-wide, Mitsubishi Electric used that experience to develop a line-up of narrow pixel pitch Direct View LED displays specifically designed for mission critical applications.  Best in class visual performance, redundant power and signal options, along with patented features like Anti Burn-in and Intelligent Power Control, make these displays the ideal choice for any large scale visualization application requiring long life with no maintenance.  Integrated or external power supply and rear or front access options also provide a great deal of flexibility for the system designer.

  • Mission-critical design for 24×7 operation
  • Best-in-class 16,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 14-bit color depth interface video
  • Superior color performance
  • Advance proprietary video processing
  • Rear or front serviceable options
  • TAA compliant
TAA Compliant Cyber Security

When minimizing downtime is a critical requirement

Mitsubishi Electric direct view LED video walls have several patented features making it uniquely suited to mission critical environments where long lifespan and minimal downtime are extremely important. The patented anti-burn feature allows static graphics to be displayed for long periods of time without adversely affecting the uniformity performance of the product.  The display is also rated for 100,000 hours of continuous operation which is backed by a standard (5) year limited warranty.  Signal redundancy for all models and redundant power options for the 160 series product ensure minimal downtime when deployed in mission critical environments.

Deliver stunning visual performance

Proprietary advanced video processing features allow the display array to be optimized based on content being viewed and the critical viewing requirements of the client.  The Dynamic Gamma compensates the black levels and contrast in real time to ensure no details are missed in the darker areas of an image. The 2-Dimensional Noise Reduction (2DNR) significantly reduces visible noise in lower quality sources or compression artifacts sometimes visible in digital sources, and the Natural Color Matrix system allows primary and secondary colors to be tuned to take advantage of the wide color gamut of the LED display by allowing adjustment to specific color standards, or fine tuning to make clients SCADA content or company logo’s look exactly as they want it to appear.

To support these along with other advanced features, Mitsubishi Electric’s direct view LED video wall is equipped with an uncompressed 14-bit per color interface which reduces artifacts in the image allowing for extremely smooth color and gray scale transitions.  This high bit depth is extremely important to avoid banding artifacts when reducing brightness levels which is often necessary to manage operator eyestrain in control room environments.

The stunning performance of Mitsubishi’s direct view LED makes it the perfect choice for large scale mission critical environments under almost any ambient lighting condition.

Flexibility and ease of installation

addition to working with clients to support custom mounting solutions often required for large scale visual applications, Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of stylish wall and floor mounting options for smaller Direct View LED Display Walls.  These mounting solutions can be customized to match new or existing control room environments. Click here to see our standard mounting options.

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