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When budget and space are critical requirements

Mitsubishi Electric’s extreme and razor narrow bezel LED direct backlit LCD displays are specifically engineered for 24/7 operation to address the needs of demanding environments by delivering stunning visuals with innovative features and unbeatable reliability. Whether  for smaller control rooms where space is at a premium or for other visualization applications with limited budget, Mitsubishi Electric’s near seamless commercial grade narrow bezel LCD video wall displays support 24/7 worry free operation without compromising image performance.

  • Designed for 24×7 continuous operation
  • Up to 100,000* hour lifetime
  • Near seamless narrow bezels
  • Tiling compatibility with frame compensation
  • Up to 700 cd/m2 brightness with anti-glare surface
  • Reverse scan feature
  • Support 4K input daisy chaining

Near seamless design for multi-screen around-the-clock applications

Featuring image-to-image gaps as small as 0.88mm, Mitsubishi Electric’s lineup of 55”, direct lit LED narrow bezel monitors deliver the performance and reliability required for demanding 24×7 mission critical applications.  Advanced features such as built-in tiling capability (up to 15×15), frame compensation, reverse scanning and 4K daisy chaining are specifically designed for large scale tiled display applications. With a lifetime of up to 100,000* hours and rated for 24×7 operation, these budget friendly monitors are an ideal fit for small and mid-size control rooms with limited space.

*LM55P4 only

Deliver optimal image quality

Mitsubishi Electric’s narrow bezel LCD monitors use a long life, direct lit LED backlight to produce bright and vivid images of up to 700cd/m2.  IPS panel technology provides for wide viewing angles which are critical for large scale tiled display applications.  In addition, our Dynamic Brightness Balancing* feature uses sensors that are built into each display to monitor and adjust the image so that optimal uniformity is maintained across the entire display array over time.

All of our narrow bezel LCD displays offer built-in tiling capability that can support up to 225 (15×15) displays and are equipped with frame compensation to ensure image accuracy at the seams when scaled across multiple displays.  In addition, our Reverse Scanning* feature allows every other row of panels to scan in the opposite direction so that image tearing does not occur at the seams when content is moving horizontally across the tiled display array.

*LM55P4 only

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