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Modular LED light-source replacement and upgrade DLP engines

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Extend the video wall lifetime in a quick and cost-effective way

Mitsubishi Electric LED replacement engines provides the simplest and most cost-effective way to upgrade rear projection video wall displays to the latest LED illumination and cost-effectively extend the lifetime of the rear projection video wall system. The upgrade engines models are available for most brands of DLP cubes manufactured over the last 15 years, enabling existing installations with legacy lamps systems to easily upgrade to the latest LED technology. The latest additions to our upgrade engine line-up are designed to enable command and control facilities to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade outdated video wall systems with minimum downtime, while enhancing the video quality and lifespan of the video wall.

  • Extends the lifetime of a rear projection video wall system
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Minimum downtime on installation
  • High brightness and superior color performance
  • Highly efficient air cooling system
  • Compact design with very low power consumption
  • Universal upgrade engines available for most DLP cube brands
TAA Compliant Cyber Security
TAA Compliant Cyber Security

Smart investment for a bright future

The high resolution LED projection engine with redundant LED light source brings Smart7 intelligence, modular flexibility, low maintenance and durable DLP® technology to custom display walls and retrofit installations. The LED upgrade product line-up are a direct, slot-in replacement for older technologies based on the same architecture to ensure 100% compatibility with existing video wall systems. Upgrading to the Seventy Series from Mitsubishi Electric will deliver the highest brightness LED performance and improve resolution, while dramatically reducing cost and total cost of ownership for the life of the system, and extending the operation lifespan of the video wall by over a decade.

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