About Us

Visual and Imaging Systems

Cities, shops, offices and schools around the world look to Mitsubishi Electric for the best in advanced visual information systems and total visual solutions. Mitsubishi Electric offers a diverse line-up of highly reliable imaging and display devices, including large-scale LED displays, business-use printers, security solutions and more, all designed to deliver outstanding performance and image quality that exceeds customers’ expectations and provides an exciting and fascinating visual experience. Renowned for reliability and durability, our displays incorporate the latest in cutting-edge technologies that ensure high picture quality, low maintenance and efficient operation wherever installed.

Video Walls

Mitsubishi Electric’s large format display walls for control room, corporate and public display applications use the latest DLP® technology to deliver amazing, high-visibility crystal-clear images. In addition to their outstanding brightness and picture quality, these systems combine high reliability and easy maintenance with a newly designed optical engine and a spectrum of performance-enhancing features for a well-balanced image across the entire display wall area. They also incorporate a long lamp service life compatible with 24-hour continuous operation, and are resistant to picture burn-in.

Photo Printers

Mitsubishi Electric’s photo printers deliver fast, trouble-free printing of beautiful richly textured photos every time. Ideal for professionals and camera enthusiasts who desire high-resolution quality, operation ease and reliability at an affordable price.

Imaging Printers

Mitsubishi Electric imaging printers have an excellent reputation for being reliable and simple to operate. Quick, high-speed printing and outstanding image quality are two vital aspects from the perspective of professionals who require accurate image detail without delay.