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Your Last Minute Photography Equipment Checklists

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-3-30-24-pmWe’ve all had it happen to us, you get to a shoot and suddenly realize you forgot an accessory. Keeping track of all the equipment you need for a shoot isn’t easy. And with constantly evolving technology, there is even more to account for. We put together a checklist of commonly forgotten photography equipment so you can feel confident heading out the door.

Collapsible Reflector

If you’re taking portraits, a collapsible reflector is a must. Most commonly, reflectors come in a 5-in-1 kit including different colors that give you different light intensities. Grab your white reflector to diffuse light or the black one to add shadowing.


In any photography situation, your lens and camera can get dusty and the best way to remove the dust is with a blower. This will remove the dust from your lens and camera sensor and prevent it from showing up in your photos. It will also to keep your camera functioning properly.

Cleaning Cloth

There is one thing a blower won’t get rid of – fingerprints. Have a cloth or two with you at all times to keep your lenses free from fingerprints and smudges.

Extra Batteries

Have you ever underestimated the amount of time you’ll be out at a shoot? Or worse, thought you had fresh batteries in your bag but discovered they were old? Always make sure you have new batteries packed in your bag. You don’t want to miss out on great shots just because your camera is out of power.

Lens Hood

Lens hoods serve many purposes. They block out the sun flare and reduce contrast on sunny days. They also protect your lens from snow or rain during photo shoots. Lastly, if you happen to drop your camera, they might just protect your lens from breaking.

One more thing to add to your must-have list –

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