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Why You Should Partner Up With the Wedding Planner When Shooting Weddings

photographer photographing a wedding ceremonyThe relationship between the wedding planner and wedding photographer should be harmonious in order to ensure a successful day for the bride and groom. While the planner is managing the flow of the day, the photographer is capturing all the special moments throughout the event. Working with the wedding planner will allow you as a photographer to be one step ahead at the wedding! Here are the best ways to build a strong relationship with the planner at your next wedding shoot.

Communication is Key

Whether you’ve worked with this planner before or you’re just meeting them for the first time, it’s important to start the wedding planning with an open and honest relationship. Exchange contact information and let them know you’re available to talk about the details of the event. You may have worked at the venue more often than the planner or he or she may know the couple better; talk to one another and share ideas and insight! Taking the time to build this relationship will only help you in the long run.

Plan Ahead 

Before the wedding day, plan ahead with the wedding planner to ensure everything runs smoothly! The planner will be sending you information regarding times, dates, and general information about the big day and the couple. Take time to read through everything and respond! Create a rough timeline for what your day will look like and how much time you’ll need to get your best shots, whether that’s with the bride and groom, wedding party or other various details of the event!

Work Together

 As a wedding photographer, you’re wearing a lot of hats at the event. From arranging centerpieces to lining up the wedding party, you’re making sure everything looks perfect to get your best shots. Here’s the good news; you don’t have to do this alone! The wedding planner’s main goal is to make sure the bride and groom are happy and that everything goes according to plan; act as a support system for one another. In the end, you both want the same thing!

Sharing Is Caring

Wedding planners can be great referral sources for any photographer. Copy them on the photos that you send to the couple! They will love seeing the finished shots and will feel good about being included. By sending them the finished shots or teasers, you will get them familiar with your work and that can lead to more photography gigs in your future!

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