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Why Photo Booth Rentals Are Increasingly Popular Today

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-43-11-pmThese days, photo booths are increasing in popularity, even in a world in which people mainly rely on their cell phone as their camera. People are constantly snapping photos with their iPhones and sending media electronically. Still, there is an undeniable surge in photo booth popularity today. So why in today’s digital age is the popularity of photo booths only growing?

The Admiration of a Hard Copy

It isn’t as common today to receive hard copies of photos. Photo booths offer a fun opportunity to gather with friends and get a printed image at the end. Photo booths are designed cleverly, with a small space that forces people to get physically close and pose for a picture. There is a certain excitement that comes with piling into a photo booth to make silly faces. Plus, in the end, you get an instant hard copy, which is something a cell phone can’t match.

A Variety of Printing Options

There are many printing options for customers when renting a photo booth for an event. Perhaps a photo booth is able to print cards, or multiple photos on one sheet. After the photos are taken, there can be more options for the client, such as a photo book that contains all the pictures taken in the photo booth during an event. Today’s printing capabilities are fast and dynamic. Your photography business can benefit by offering additional printed items for sale from the captured photo booth images.

A Real Image in the Moment

When gathered into a photo booth with friends, you have a few seconds before a picture is taken. You have to pose quickly and be ready. Photo booths produce an authentic image from a special moment in time. The pictures are printed in the same way they were taken, remaining untouched.

Photo booths offer an extra source of entertainment and produce an instant keepsake. If your client is considering renting a photo booth from you, make sure you tell them why they are worth the extra money.

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