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The front access, WUXGA 72” VS-72WEF78U LED Rear Projection Cube employs a unique mechanism that allows the screen to swing open, allowing clear access for installation, wiring and service to be done through the front of the unit. The display cubes can be placed against a wall, eliminating the need for service access space behind the display wall. This reduces the footprint required for the display wall, allowing maximum use of space in your command and control room while providing ultra-high WUXGA resolution in a 16:10 format.

The new, 4th generation LED light source has a lifetime rating of 100,000 hours in Advanced Economy mode, providing over eleven years of continuous operation. Mitsubishi Electric rear projection cubes are powered by the durable Texas Instruments DLP® technology.

Using Mitsubishi Electric’s built-in Dynamic Brightness Balancing and Color Space Control functions, each VS-72WEF78U LED Rear Projection Cube uses three individual color sensors to continuously monitor the light output of the cube engine. This output data is shared with adjacent cubes and automatic adjustments are made when necessary to ensure correct color balance and brightness uniformity across the entire display wall. Mitsubishi Electric cubes accomplish these functions without external sensors, PC’s, or user intervention.

Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary Digital Gradation Circuit automatically compensates for the brightness level at the edges of the screen where brightness usually fades, thus ensuring the optimum brightness distribution and uniformity over multi-screen tiled configurations.

Each VS-72WEF78U LED Rear Projection Cube features three input board slots that can use any combination of our optional input boards, allowing you to connect the display wall input signals supplied by your control room.

The WUXGA rear projection cubes integrate simplified internal processing, so you may not require an external image processor. When properly configured, each cube can display up to four windows and one background image per screen, or as many as six windows if a background image is not used across the display wall. You can move multiple windows freely and, when using Mitsubishi Electric D-Wall Software, control the system with an intuitive graphical user interface.

The Smart Switch function in every VS-72WEF78U LED Rear Projection Cube ensures the redundancy you require for mission critical applications and continuous operation. If a signal is unexpectedly lost, the display cube automatically switches to an alternative signal source within seconds. You experience minimal downtime while saving time and money.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a Cross Lenticular screen option for increased viewing angles. For more information on the VS-72WEF78L please click on the Specifications tab above or contact us for more information.

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