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Video Wall



Mitsubishi Electric configured display wall controllers are high-performance, industrial-grade Windows®-based workstations built for continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Using Mitsubishi Electric D-Wall software, you can use the VC-TP2S Display Wall Controller to determine the layout on the display wall and route images from base computers, computers on the network and video devices into the desired areas of the display. The VC-TP2S Display Wall Controller is designed to support 2 graphics cards for smaller display walls of up to 8 screens.

The VC-TP2S uses high-end off-the-shelf components, including the latest Quad-core Intel processors, memory and storage devices. This approach avoids the need to develop and debug proprietary hardware and operating systems, giving you reliable and cost-efficient systems possible.

The VC-TP2S includes flexible brackets for horizontal or vertical mounting inside a display wall enclosure, on a cabinet rack or in other space-limited locations. A USB keyboard and mouse are included with the controller.

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