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The Technology You Need at Your Next Great Event

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It’s getting harder and harder to wow guests at events, and with the growing number of event companies on the market, it’s getting even harder to stand out from the competition. That’s why, as an event planner, you’re probably always on the hunt for the next big trend in event planning so that you can offer your guests a unique and unforgettable experience each time. One way to keep ahead of your competition and to augment guests’ experiences at your events is by incorporating the latest technologies. Below we’ve rounded up the best technologies you want to implement at your next event to ensure that it is a smashing success.

Mitsubishi Electric Selfone Wireless Print Station

One of the best ways to engage event attendees is through photo-sharing opportunities, and the Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station provides just that. The printer accessory allows multiple guests to wirelessly connect to the Mitsubishi D90 printer and simultaneously print their selfies and other event photos on the spot. It has built-in wifi and doesn’t require guests to download any new apps to their phone, making it simple to set up and easy to use for both event organizers and guests. Additionally, guests can customize their photos by using event or company branded borders and frames and share the branded pictures on social media. In the end, the instant print station provides an engaging experience for attendees and provides event organizers free promotion for their event.

Mobile Apps

Creating mobile apps for events is becoming more prevalent in the event planning industry. Event organizers are leveraging apps for several reasons as they offer benefits to both the party planners and the guests. For organizers, mobile apps provide immediate statistics regarding event attendees, allowing them to track sign-ups, offer pre-event surveys and polls, and gather a host of other data. Guests can easily fill out event sign-up paperwork through digital forms in the app, especially with auto-fill software built into guests’ devices. Apps also alleviate the need for other printed event materials, such as bulletins and programs, cutting back on paper waste at the venue and costs for the printed items. Also, general FAQs and event information can all be stored and accessed in the app for easy discovery.

Projection Mapping

The development of projection mapping technology has allowed event organizers to create truly unforgettable experiences. The trend can be described as augmented reality via projection onto 3D surfaces. Instead of projecting an image onto a flat surface, projection mapping can light up any 3D surface and structure, creating uniquely dynamic visual displays. This technology enhances your event by creating engaging, share-worthy visual effects that leave a lasting impression on every attendee. If you’re trying to wow your crowd, be sure to invest in this latest trend at your next big event.


Having free WiFi at your events that allows guests to stay connected is almost expected in today’s digital world. Not supplying adequate, complimentary internet access for attendees can leave guests frustrated and unimpressed, as free WiFi is considered a must-have at most major events. Additionally, when you offer free WiFi, guests are more inclined to upload photos online and post about the event in real-time, generating an online buzz. To ensure your guests stay connected and to boost virtual promotion of the occasion, make sure you offer free WiFi with the appropriate bandwidths at your next event.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology at events is on the rise, thanks to the expanded infrastructure for Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) systems. NFC and Bluetooth technologies allow wireless transfer of information between devices in close proximity. The most common example of this type of wearable tech at events is wristbands. With NFC wristbands, guests hold their wrists up against a ticket scanner at event entrances and at other scanning kiosks throughout the event venue or park. Not only does this technology streamline check-in processes, but by installing scanning kiosks throughout event venues, organizers can gather additional data about guests’ habits and behaviors as they move around different attractions.

Event technology has been around for a while, but it is continually evolving. To ensure your future events are memorable, we suggest implementing some or all of these technologies whenever appropriate. For more clever tips and the latest trends in event planning, be sure to visit our blog. To learn more about the Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station and how it can enhance your next event, click here.