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The Importance of Quality Video Walls in Traffic Management Centers

Aerial view of Shanghai City highways
When it comes to traffic and transportation management, quality video wall systems matter. As the hub and central control unit of most freeway management systems, transportation management centers require hardware that can display copious amounts of information from video camera feeds, transportation maps, traffic apps, and more. Consequently, having a top-performing video wall system is critical to a well-functioning transportation management center, especially those that are a part of the national Intelligent Transportation Systems program. 

In transportation control rooms, not only do the video walls  (also known as display or data walls) need to be able to handle large volumes of information, but the hardware needs to be built for 24-hour continuos-use operation, as traffic is monitored around the clock. The information and graphics displayed on these monitors must also be scalable across large surface areas and to varying sizes as needed. Additionally, the monitors must display information in a clear and timely fashion to allow for comfortable and easy viewing for control room operators. As a result, quality monitors and an advanced system is necessary for functionality in these environments to ensure the safe and continuous flow of traffic all across the country.

Mitsubishi Electric video walls are the gold standard for transportation control room operations. We offer a wide array of video wall solutions for various traffic system management applications, allowing for complete flexibility and customization based on your organization’s unique needs. Additionally, our video walls are made to exacting Japanese standards yet maintain U.S. TAA Compliance, making them ideal for use in any government transportation management facility. To see how Mitsubishi’s display wall solutions have effectively enhanced operations in other traffic management organizations, take a look at some of our case studies. Alternatively, to speak with a sales expert about your organization’s specific needs, contact us today