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The Best Way To Consult With Potential Photography Clients

62101438 - photographer looks at the screen of camera to a weddingWhen it comes to wedding photography, those looking to hire you may compare and contrast more than one photography business. Clients are looking for the right person to document a very important day in their lives and want to make sure they choose the best candidate. Aside from being compelling on the phone, there are some moves you can make during your consultation to impress a prospect and seal the deal!

Take time to educate

Although photography is a second language to you, it is not likely that it is for your prospective clients. It’s easy to get caught up in talking about your services, your workflow and what you do when shooting a wedding. Instead of just stating the facts, make the conversation more interactive. You can do this by discussing the elements that matter most to the client.

You’ll want to note how long a usual wedding day shoot takes and the how it’s best to go about getting posed shots prior to the ceremony. The key here is to give them a layout of the day. Use this time to get their feedback and really describe to them where you fit in on their special day.

List the options

When consulting, it is important to set your services apart from others. Make sure you can flawlessly describe your wedding packages and the specials you offer. You’ll want prospects to be able to easily distinguish between you and other photographers. You might want to consider giving case studies of the wedding packages that worked well for certain clients. This way, you make the packages relatable to the type of wedding a client is planning.

If you offer a photo booth, this is a perfect time for you to explain its benefits. You can note the subtle pricing change when having a photo booth. It’s important to note the fun, exciting reactions photo booths get at a wedding and why it will be worth it to the client to add this service. Highlight the different offers this gives your client’s guests – from printed photos to additional gift options.

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