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The Advantages of Adding a Photo Booth to Your Business

PhotoboothPicturesAdding a photo booth can take your photography services to the next level by adding variety to your business. Though a photo booth will require an investment in your business, there are many advantages for clients, and for your bottom line.

Stand Out From the Competition

When prospective clients are searching for a photographer, exhibiting versatility will help you stand out. When it comes time to consult with potential clients, the ability to offer packages that include photo booth services will give you more options for finding a service that’s right for each client. It’s typical for events to have entertainment or a speaker, along with food and music. A photo booth provides clients with additional fun for their guests. Not to mention the take-home gift of printed photos!

Even if a client doesn’t purchase your photo booth service, they may recommend it to a family member or friend for their event! Showcasing a variety of services is key to attracting new clients and being memorable enough to be referred to others. 

Offer Simple Additions for Big Results

Photo booths are simple to set up and incorporate into rental spaces, and they can be customized for weddings and events. Your client can choose to decorate the booth and pick the background graphics for each occasion. Adding a photo booth adds a lot of excitement and entertainment to an event, while requiring a relatively small additional investment from the client.

If you are hesitant to add a photo booth because you are concerned about getting photo booth bookings, think about the special promotions you could offer. For example, if you have built a social media following, you can offer your followers a special deal if they mention or share your post. You could also offer returning customers a deal on adding your photo booth services to their next event.

It’s easy to add a photo booth to your business. Just invest in a printer that can print pictures in a matter of seconds. The new Mitsubishi CP-D90DW Premium dye-sub digital color printer conveniently prints exceptional quality photographs at top speed by automatically analyzing images for faster print speed and optimum quality. With its efficient rewind function, you can print multiple sizes from 2”x 6” up to 6”x 8” in just one roll of paper, without changing media. Check out our selection of high quality dye-sub printers for every budget and printing application.

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