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The 4 Hottest Trends in Nightclub Advertising

girls at a nightclub taking a selfieAs a nightclub owner or promoter, you’re always looking for ways to ensure lines out the door! Staying up to date with current trends is important to ensure a packed house every weekend.

Successful marketing is about finding a way to reach out to your audience and let them spread the word for you. Too many mass emails or text messages can be a turn off! Here are the best ways to promote your nightclub and keep guests coming back for more.

Host Special Events

Stay up to date with any current holidays or special events happening in your city; and make sure your nightclub is the place to be! Whether it’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or karaoke night, offer drink specials and giveaways to entice guests to attend.

Utilize your social media channels to reach larger audience. Use trending hashtags, or create your own for the special event. The power of the Internet can take your nightclub to the next level!

Run Contests & Promotions

When it comes to getting your club’s name out in the community, nothing works as well as letting your fans do the talking. But first, you have to get them involved. Try running contests or promotions and offer prizes to encourage participation. Spread the word about your contest on your social media channels and through promotional materials in your club.

Laser Focus Your Advertising 

Are you in a college town with a younger demographic? Or next to a sporting arena where you could target sports fans? Ask yourself who your ideal audience is and focus your marketing efforts on them. You want a regular customer base, so make sure you’re targeting people that are likely to be in the area frequently.

Monetize Your Guests’ Selfies!

Guests are already taking photos at your club. Now you can monetize those snapshots! With a wireless printing station, you’ll be able to encourage guests to take selfies and print them immediately, knowing that every photo carries your promotional message on it. Now, instead of just promotional materials, you’ve created mementos that your guests want to hold onto. 

Mitsubishi’s SelFone Wireless Print Station™ lets your guests print their selfies and photos instantly from their cell phones. The station takes just 3-easy-steps to operate and is completely self-contained. Guests simply take a photo; connect to the SelFone’s customized WiFi hot spot, and print. You can customize the graphics that show up on each photo, and you control how many photos each guest can print.

Call one of our sales representatives today for more information on purchasing your wireless print station: 1 (888) 307-0309.