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Team Play, Inc. Chooses Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printers for Fun Stop Photos Booth

Since the introduction of Team Play, Inc.’s first coin-operated video game console system in 2001, the Illinois-based company has dedicated itself to designing and producing high-quality video and amusement arcade games.  In an effort to expand into the event photo booth market, Team Play has chosen Mitsubishi Electric professional photo printers for its innovative Fun Stop Photos event photo booths.

“We’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of self-serve photo booths at weddings, corporate events, and coin-operated venues,” said Frank Pellegrini, President of Team Play, Inc. “Industry demographics tell us that our core video game products appeal to men under the age of 30, while photo booths appeal to a much broader audience. We knew a well-designed photo booth would be our solution to expand our coin-op arcade business and diversify our customer base.”

Team Play’s products are engineered to deliver the greatest return on our customer’s investment,” explained Frank. “The Fun Stop Photo event photo booth is equipped with two integrated Mitsubishi CP-9550DW photo printers.  We choose the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW digital photo printer because Mitsubishi Electric products have a solid reputation for reliability and durability and the CP-9550DW has the features we need such as: superior photo print resolution and color; easy-access media loading; and economical, high-quality Mitsubishi Electric brand photo paper media.”


“Our Fun Stop Photos event photo booth raises the standards for innovation and quality,” added Frank. “Each booth features two high-definition monitors; two ‘attract’ cameras (internal and external) and two Mitsubishi CP-9550DW color photo printers which are rack-mounted inside the photo booth for easy access. The booth has a stylish, appealing design, is readily transportable, sets up quickly, and incorporates a host of advanced features that deliver high quality photo prints in just seconds.

“Mitsubishi Electric has become an integral business partner for our expansion and growth plans,” said Pellegrini. “The combination of speed, quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness offered by the CP-9550DW photo printer has allowed us to differentiate our booths from the competition and to generate a new stream of revenue for the company and for our customers.  With innovative products, a reputation for quality and reliability, and economical, high-quality output, Mitsubishi Electric photo printers have been key factor in our successful expansion into the photo booth market.”

Mitsubishi’s CP-9550DW Professional Photo Printer

2×6-, 3.5×5-, 4×6-, 5×7-, 6×8-, 6×9- inch photo printsFine and Super Fine print modes

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Team Play, Inc. develops coin-operated amusement products that consistently deliver superior quality, design, and earnings – resulting in the greatest return on investment for their customer. Each member of the Team Play management team brings over 30 years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and operations with an unparalleled collection of talent and experience in all aspects of the industry.  Team Play also offers product-based development and manufacturing services.

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