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Video Wall

Video Wall Case Studies

South Texas Electric Cooperative – Texas

    Products Used:

  • Main Wall: 4 x 3 VS–67FD10U – 67” diagonal DLP® Display Cube

Integration By:

Activu Corporation

South Texas Electric Cooperative (STEC) generates and supplies electrical power to over 80,000 homes and businesses in a wide area of rural Texas. STEC was seeking to upgrade an older, existing display wall with the latest in technology that would offer the capability to view and analyze their data, but also offer flexibility and expansion potential.

The existing display wall was replaced with 12 Mitsubishi Electric 67” Display Cubes with DLP® technology in a 3–high by 4–wide configuration. The wall is driven 24/7 by a display wall controller provided by Activu and powered by their powerful software. This provided STEC with the latest and greatest in technology with room for future expansion.

Not only was STEC looking for a cutting edge solution, they were also concerned about total cost of ownership. The system requires little or no maintenance other than lamp changes and software upgrades.