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S-SF Software

S-SF Software

S-SF Software

IP-Based Visualization Management Systems For All Mission-Critical Applications

In today’s information-driven society, choosing, handling, and sharing critical information through the network is more important than ever, and the role of large-scale display systems in centralized facilities continues to grow.

With more than 78,000 display wall systems installed and in use around the world, Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader for large, mission-critical, extended-use display wall solutions. Applying our extensive experience, we now introduce a new network-based visualization system incorporating our new S-SF Software. This IP-based visualization and management system realizes greater scalability and more efficient operations in command and control rooms.

Network-Based System Architecture

Interactively, S-SF is an IP-based system capable of handling all data such as computer images, CCTV cameras, and numerous applications connected through an IP network. Access, share, and synchronize all of them instantly among separate, distributed locations without physical distance considerations. S-SF makes it possible to design a more command and control room operation.

Easy Application Sharing

S-SF captures various application views in the most optimal way, and transmits its data, original or compressed, to various display points including large-scale displays. Each display point can be handled and managed interactively without consideration of each desktop or display size since the application view, not the desktop monitor, is captured.

Cost-Effective, Redundancy-Enabled Fully Distributed System

There is no need for a centralized display wall processor with the S-SF network, and a “fail-safe system” can be designed easily since all master PCs communicate in synchronization. Once an error is detected, each role is automatically switched in order to achieve “Zero-downtime operation.” This feature supports continuous 24/7 operation. Additionally, all components. No more need to develop and debug proprietary hardware or operating systems. The result is a more reliable, cost-efficient system.

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