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Turn Your Customer’s Selfies Into Your Restaurant and Bar’s Best Marketing Tool!

Add the SelFone Wireless Printing Station™ to your establishment, and easily print promotional coupons or messages that your guests will share and talk about with their friends after their visit.

Offer a fun and exciting alternative to increase customer retention and loyalty for your restaurant and bar! Imagine someone celebrating a birthday, graduation or a job promotion in your restaurant or bar, and being able to print photos of the event right on the spot – with your establishment’s branding or marketing message with the photo. Add incentives such as special promotional offers as a marketing tool for your customers to use on a future visit!

The Mitsubishi Electric SelFone Wireless Print Station™ is intuitively easy-to-use and does not need an internet connection or app to download. It simply creates a peer-to-peer hot spot for your customers to connect their phone to the printer where they can take new photos or select photos from their photo gallery to print. The SelFone Wireless Print Station is fully self-contained and compact. Occupying about a square foot, it does not need any additional computer or cameras. Place it under, above, or behind a counter and your new marketing machine is ready to work for you!

SelFone Wireless Print Station Wi-Fi Connection
Features Include:

  • Configure Print Sizes, Modes and Format
  • Easily Import (Enable/Disable) Frames and Borders
  • Select Print Type Offered from: Easy Print single 4×6 photo, 2×6 3-photo strip, or 3.5×6 fun print
  • Ability to change/rename Wi-Fi ID to make it easier for guest to recognize and remember the hotspot for printing

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Western US Alberto Posadas (951) 331-9577
Central US Brian Charron (847) 425-1295
Eastern US Art Pushkin (516) 972-8546