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Mitsubishi offers control room video wall display cubes for utility management and process control. Our control room video wall cubes are designed to be tiled in such a way that SCADA and EMS network topologies and Venn diagrams can be spanned across screens without any loss of information.

One of our key engineering focus areas was on the image quality provided by our control room video wall cubes. We found that in utilities and process control, it is important to have a SCADA network feed traverse from one screen to the next with pixel–to–pixel accuracy. To do this we have incorporated proprietary design and manufacturing process control to ensure accurate and consistent displays.

To ensure different lines within a SCADA map are distinguished, we have incorporated our Digital Color Space Control Circuit and our proprietary 12–Bit Dither & Gamma Correction Circuit. These two image enhancing circuits ensure that color accuracy is met, allowing the operator to distinguish between red and orange lines.

Just as your company has a commitment and responsibility to ensure high reliability, so does Mitsubishi. The high reliability of our control room video wall cubes is achieved through extensive quality control measures and joint ventures with our key suppliers.

Our control room display wall line incorporates a number of models ranging including XGA, SXGA+, Full-HD and WUXGA resolutions in 50″, 62” 67”, 70”, 72” and 80” screen sizes. For facilities with limited space or where a map board is being replaced, we offer a front access series of displays that enable all service through the front screen (not available on 80” models). For smaller control rooms, our flat panel LCD monitors with super narrow bezels provide a perfect solution where real estate is at a premium or supplemental displays are needed. These monitors are also designed for the demands of 24/7 operation in your control room environment.