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Transportation Traffic and Highway Management

Transportation Traffic and Highway Management


Mitsubishi understands the display needs of today’s modern traffic management center. Whether monitoring road, rail, sea or air, the traffic management center must display video surveillance, map data, and sensor information. Our display video wall cubes provide an economical, large overview display to clearly show large quantities of information.

Typically a traffic management visualization center has the budget to buy a display video wall, but they often have a difficult time with operational costs. Our display wall cubes are specifically engineered to provide a low cost of ownership by incorporating long life LED light source modules and automatic color calibration.

Our Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ technology maintains brightness uniformity across the control room video wall by measuring each cube’s brightness every 2 seconds and adjusting the entire wall to match the lowest brightness level. This is done electronically so there are no moving parts or failure points.

When analyzing video surveillance or mapping and sensor data it is important to have a display video wall that enables the operators to clearly distinguish the details of the information presented. Our display wall cubes provide industry–leading screen brightness and contrast ratio.

As our display wall cubes provide high performance and low cost of ownership, leading traffic management centers choose to utilize Mitsubishi display wall cubes to monitor their video surveillance and sensor management information.