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Telecommunications & Network Operations Centers

Telecommunications & Network Operations Centers


Whether you are in call center operations or manage a network operations center, a display video wall can provide a common information sharing platform.

By tiling multiple display video wall cubes together into a large overview display, you are able to share more information than is available on any single computer monitor. This display wall then allows a network operations center to see the entire network topology in enough detail to distinguish where an outage or congestion occurred. Likewise in call center operations a display wall can provide vital system status information, geographic television news, etc., to ensure issues are handled quickly and accurately.

With so much information spanning over multiple display wall cubes, it is important that they match both in color and brightness. That’s why our display wall cubes utilize proprietary circuitry to ensure proper matching between screens. Additionally our display wall cubes utilize automatic calibration to maintain a low cost of ownership.

With industry–leading brightness and contrast our displays can be utilized in high ambient lighting conditions, finally allowing operators to work under normal office lighting conditions.

Since your call center operations or network operations center is unique we offer a number of display wall options to custom fit your environment, including flat panel LCD monitors with super narrow bezels. These flat panel LCD displays are a perfect solution where real estate is at a premium.