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LED Rear Projection Cubes

LED Rear Projection Cubes

Now using Redundant LED managed by Mitsubishi’s unique LED technology, the Mitsubishi LED rear projection display cubes offer unsurpassed durability, lower power consumption and outstanding image performance that ensure higher customer satisfaction in every installation.

Versatile configurations to fit your needs

The new rear projection LED based engines maintain the same common cabinet architecture as the rest of the Seventy Series line. Available cubes for XGA and SXGA+ resolutions include 50”, 67” and 80” diagonal screens, while WUXGA models can be purchased with 62” and 72” screens. You can also select a 70” diagonal screen in FullHD resolution. Rear and front access cube configurations will allow maximum flexibility within the physical dimensions and requirements of your control room. (The 80” cube is only available with rear access.)

Setting the new Standard

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Mitsubishi’s new LED display cube uses the latest in Redundant LED technology that offers high performance LED components. This ensures that our latest models of Mitsubishi display wall cubes continues to achieve the full promise of this breakthrough in display technology and allows Mitsubishi to continue to set the standard for LED based projection engines for control rooms and mission critical applications.

Air Cooled Design – Mitsubishi Electric’s air-cooling system utilizes 100,000-hour lifetime cooling fans in a unique configuration. This pump-less design helps promote a much longer system lifespan compared to water-cooled systems which have a far more complex mechanical design.

Energy Efficient – Mitsubishi Electric designed and manufacturers its own LED Power Driver, as opposed to general LED power drivers provided by the LED manufacturer. This extra attention to detail has resulted in a power supply with four power modes: Bright, Normal, Economy and Advanced Economy.

The Economy power mode significantly reduces power consumption and provides a LED lifetime of up to 80,000 hours, while the Advanced Economy mode available in select models actually increases the LED lifetime to 100,000 hours.

4th Generation Auto Color Control – Mitsubishi Electric is the only company to consistently build DLP based video wall cubes over the last 10 years. As a result of its dedication to this technology, Mitsubishi Electric is now on its 4th generation auto color calibration system.

Others have tried to mimic Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart Color technology, but nothing beats the experience of over 25,000 Smart Color Cubes installed in the field. With this experience and the real world field data from Diamond Vision, Mitsubishi Electric was able to fine tune the Auto Color Correction circuitry and software for LED technology.

Several Available Resolutions to meet your needs – Mitsubishi offers LED engines in both XGA (1024×768) and SXGA+ (1400×1050) for 4:3 screen installations, along with Full-HD (1920×1080) and WUXGA (1920×1200) resolutions for wide screen installations.