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Seventy Series – Smart 7 Overview

Seventy Series – Smart 7 Overview


The new Mitsubishi  DLP display wall rear projection cubes incorporate our most advanced technologies for visualization display by providing innovative automated features that boost image quality and color balance, prolong the life of the system and enhance usability, while offering a whole new display video wall experience. We call the seven revolutionary advances built into our display walls “Smart 7”: Intelligence, Flexibility, Internal Processing, Auto-balancing, Easy Set-up, Durability, and Redundancy. Each advance brings display walls to a new level of performance.

Color Space Control and Digital Gradation Circuit are intelligent functions that ensure perfect color consistency and uniform brightness across the screen. Mitsubishi’s modular display cube system ensures the flexibility to meet the customer’s display wall requirements. Internal processing allows up to four windows per cube, any size across the wall, usually without the need for an external processor during installation.

Dynamic color control and brightness balancing automatically calibrate for multi-screen image uniformity, without the need for external sensors, PCs, or user intervention. An intuitive menu system facilitates the set-up of the cubes and display wall, while Auto-Geometry provides simplified mechanical adjustments with virtually no outside action required.

Mitsubishi rear projection display cubes  raise the bar on durability, providing over eleven years of continuous operation. The Smart Switch delivers the signal redundancy required for 24/7 operation, automatically switching to another signal source if the original signal is lost unexpectedly. Together, these seven innovations make Mitsubishi’s rear-projection cubes the most technologically advanced display wall product line to date.