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Video Wall Technologies

Mitsubishi Display Wall Technology

For a number of important reasons, the most common technology used in command and control room applications is a single chip DLP®-based rear projection module, commonly called a display wall cube.

  1. The DMD® chip – the core of the DLP® system – is a 100% reflective device able to withstand tremendous heat and light without image retention or burn-in.
  2. A single chip DLP® system requires fewer mechanical and electronic components to generate a picture, reducing complexity and the need for component replacement while extending system life.
  3. Rear projection technology reduces screen-to-screen gaps to a minimum of 0.2mm, providing a seamless picture even with multiple display wall cubes. Another important space-saving advantage is a shallower depth, thanks to the use of mirror reflection.
  4. Mitsubishi Electric’s original LED light source utilizes the ideal combination of fully redundant RGB LEDs and air cooling system, creating perfect display solutions for 24hr operations. Each RGB LED maintains high image quality even if a light element malfunctions, thereby enhancing reliability for various mission-critical environments.

Depending on the application, large flat LCD panels are also often used for display video walls. This technology is most suited to small control rooms and  content with non-static, moving video (such as security or some traffic surveillance), because an LCD panel is a transmissive device subject to burn-in or image retention. Moreover, minimizing screen-to-screen gaps presents a technical challenge.