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Public Information


Mitsubishi offers rear projection display video wall cube with DLP® technology for high end digital signage, lobby displays, and other general use information displays requiring no visible grid lines. Our display video wall technology incorporates extremely low maintenance, a space saving design and high brightness to combat even the toughest ambient lighting conditions. Additionally multiple display wall units can be tiled together to provide an extremely large display area with a unit depth of between 20” and 38”.

To ensure your digital signage application or lobby display always looks good, our display wall cubes utilize automatic calibration technologies to provide easy maintenance for onsite staff. Additionally our LED light module rated at 100,000 hours (in Advance Economy mode) ensures many years of trouble–free operation.

To conserve precious real estate, some of our display wall cubes utilize a space saving front access design. Each front access unit is 100% serviceable from the front and is fully enclosed from the rear enabling the units to be pushed flush back against a wall.

Typically public areas have high ambient lighting conditions; therefore a display wall needs very high screen brightness. Our display wall cubes can be set for different brightness settings to achieve the ideal setting for your project.

Mitsubishi also offers flat panel LCD monitors with super and ultra narrow bezels. These flat panel LCD displays are a perfect solution where real estate is at a premium, and they employ superior cooling and 50,000 hour backlights to ensure smooth operation.