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Upgrading a Display Video Wall

Upgrading a Display Video Wall

Are you ready to upgrade your display wall installation? Maybe the display walls you have in place are reaching the end of their service life, maintenance is becoming more costly and parts are starting to fail, or perhaps your visualization methodology and technology simply needs to be upgraded.

Mitsubishi offers you high reliability along with the best image quality and color uniformity in the industry. Mitsubishi display wall cubes deliver an entirely new visual experience with automatic maintenance features that keep color vivid and brightness optimal across the entire display video wall, without the need for manual maintenance.

Why upgrade?

The most compelling reason to upgrade is to save money, and the new Mitsubishi display video wall visualization system delivers with lower Total Cost of Ownership. Maintenance costs quickly drop due to the long-life LED light source module. The LED module in our new display wall cubes and engines are rated for 80,000 hours in economy brightness mode, while select models increase this rating to 100,000 hours in advanced economy mode – the equivalent of over 11 years of continuous 24/7 operation. New technology gives our DLP® display wall rear projection cubes ground breaking auto calibration. Display walls are the perfect solution when you need to display large amounts of information at higher resolution.

Unlike older display video wall systems, the new Mitsubishi rear projection cubes can be easily upgraded. In the future, should you want to update the display wall, it is just a matter of replacing the engines. You don’t have to dismantle the entire system for an upgrade because Mitsubishi designed the new series engines to be easily exchanged in the existing cube cabinets.

Can I reuse any components?

When you upgrade your display wall, the main items that will need to be replaced are the pedestals or stands and the video projection cubes themselves. Components such as consoles, computers, networks, video, cameras and input sources are generally reusable with your new display wall display. You might need to replace the display processor, but this is not typical.

Why display video wall vs. other technology?

Video display walls give your control room operation one large virtual desktop for more efficient visualization, collaboration and improved control. Operators can resize and move input sources across any or all of the displays unlike that of flat panels where the larger bezels cause visual separation. Mitsubishi’s new, built-in internal processing inherently allows the display wall to see multiple inputs and show them across the display wall as a virtual desktop with windowing capabilities. Displaying across multiple projection cubes gives users additive resolution. This is when the total amount of pixel real estate becomes the display wall resolution.

Where to start?

Fill-out the form below to contact our expert sales and engineering team. We will consult with you on your control room environment and help you determine if a display wall system is right for you.

Do you have an existing Mitsubishi lamp-based display wall?

Mitsubishi is proud to offer LED light source-based engine upgrade kits that are specifically designed for retrofit use in a number of legacy model Mitsubishi XGA cubes. The newer XGA and SXGA+ LED engine upgrade kits will allow you take advantage of the increased life expectancy of the LED module of up to 100,000 hours, the equivalent of over eleven years of continuous 24 hour, 7 day a week operation. The kits will also result in lower installation costs for the upgrade project, as it is not necessary to dismantle your existing cubes, screens and bases that provide the structure for your existing display wall. Click here to see our selection of LED Upgrade Kits for Legacy Walls.