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Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center


Whether you are involved in disaster prevention or emergency response, being able to collect intelligence and share information with real-time visualization is of the utmost importance. Our display video wall rear projection cubes offers a common overview display for information sharing in your emergency operation center or disaster response Center.

By combining multiple projection cubes together, a display wall of virtually any size can be created. As the display wall increases in size, so does the overall resolution. This enables more information to be shared with other operators needing to respond and act fast in the emergency operations center or Fusion center.

Our display video wall projection cubes are engineered for continuous operation in secure environments; and use automatic calibration and self-diagnostics. This ensures that display wall projection cubes can be maintained by emergency operation center staff during crisis situations.

Our display wall projection cubes also demonstrate unsurpassed image quality. Displaying bright, high contrast images, Mitsubishi projection cubes will perform well in emergency operation centers that have bright lighting conditions. Our color space control and 12-bit dither and gamma circuits provide uniform and accurate colors.

For a smaller emergency operation center or fusion center we offer flat panel LCD monitors with super narrow bezels. These flat panel LCD displays are a perfect solution where real estate is at a premium or supplemental displays are needed. Our industrial flat panel LCD displays offer superior cooling and 50,000 hour backlights to ensure continuous operation.