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Mitsubishi offers a complete line of control room display video wall rear-projection cubes for large scale visualization in your mission critical command and control center and tactical operation center. Our control room display video wall cubes have been engineered for extremely high reliability and self-calibration. This enables them to be installed into a highly secured command and control center or tactical operation center with minimal to no support required from outside personnel.

Our Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ technology maintains brightness uniformity across the control room display wall by measuring each cube’s brightness every 2 seconds and adjusting the entire wall to match the lowest brightness level. This is done electronically so there are no moving parts or failure points.

Image quality has always been one of our largest concerns, which is why we offer among the highest screen brightness and contrast ratios available. Thanks to this high brightness your command and control center or tactical operation center can have a variety of ambient lighting conditions from low light to high office lighting conditions without any perceivable difference in display image quality.

We offer a series of front access display video wall cubes for command centers or tactical operation centers with limited physical space. Each front access unit is 100% serviceable from the front enabling the units to be installed flush against a wall. Flat panel LCD monitors are also available with reduced-sized frames for display wall applications in control rooms and conference rooms with limited space.

Depending on the size and resolution needs of your control room, command or tactical operation center, Mitsubishi offers a display wall visualization solution that suits your needs.