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Video Wall



broadcast-1_900x350px In today’s modern broadcast control rooms and production studios, display video wall projection cubes require the highest image quality possible. Whether you are utilizing the display wall projection cubes for video monitoring or an on air set, Mitsubishi  Electric offers key technology to ensure performance and reliability. Our Digital Color Space Control circuit, or digital color balancing and blending circuit, compensates for color and brightness discrepancies among the display wall cubes.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Color Space Control circuit can adjust Gain values for Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B) within each primary color and mixed colors, giving consistent color blending and brightness uniformity over multi-screen configurations of display wall projection cubes. High brightness and contrast ratios, coupled with our high resolution and razor sharp optics, provide the best image possible in a display wall projection cube.

Mitsubishi Electric’s own 12-bit Dither & Gamma Circuitry produces truly natural gradations, rendering both bright and dark areas for precise half-tone images. This circuit processes frame (time axis) direction and also ensures smoother gradation for all images. Our LED light source is rated for a lifetime of 100,000 hours in Advanced Economy mode providing years of service and reduces operating and maintenance costs, making our display wall projection cubes the ideal choice for your production studio or video monitoring control room.

For a video monitoring control room or production studio with limited space, we offer a series of front access control room display video wall cubes. Each front access unit is 100% serviceable from the front and is fully enclosed at the rear, enabling the units to be pushed flush back against a wall. Additionally Mitsubishi Electric has LCD monitors with super narrow bezels that provide an alternative display solution where physical space is critical.