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Photo Printing Isn’t Dead – Here’s Why:

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-03-16-amIn today’s increasingly digital world, photo printing is still standing strong. According to the market research firm IBISWorld, customers in the United States are expected to spend $2 billion for online photo printing services this year. Photo printing continues to be a major business, here’s why:

Photography is an Art Form

The photography world is huge, with photographers of all ages and skill levels joining in. Photography has been a major art form since it’s discovery and has only evolved since. With concerts, events, sports games and weddings constantly taking place; there is no shortage of things to shoot. The world itself offers every photographer the chance to capture life’s most special moments. Photo printing is still alive to showcase that art, and share those photographs with others. 

There Is Always More To Learn

As a photographer, you never stop learning. There is always something new to shoot or something more to shoot. Improved skill comes with experience and the willingness to learn. You can even strategize to learn photography better and faster. Photo printing allows photographers to show off these personal advancements and see the progress in their work.

You Create a Lasting Memory

 When you hold a printed photograph in your hands, you feel a connection looking at the photo. A connection that is often lost when you are looking at a computer screen. A memory captured in a photograph can be held, touched, and passed from one person to the next. In an age where digital media has taken over, the emotional connection to a printed photograph is still strong.

Photos Allow Beauty to be Shared

Hanging a framed photo on your wall does more than display a moment in time. It highlights the importance of that photo and demands attention. A gifted photo book filled with images from a weekend trip may serve as a display on one’s coffee table for all to look at. A calendar with different family photos for each month will evoke emotion from the viewer. Gifts and creations using printed photos allow the receiver to relive special moments over and over again.

If you’re looking to invest in a photo printer, check out Mitsubishi Electric’s CP-W5000DW professional dye sublimation duplex printer. This fully featured yet compact printer can print dual-sided photos from 4×6 up to 8×12, offering a wide variety of custom photography solutions with unlimited possibilities.

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