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Performance, Quality, Value: Printers That Can Go The Distance

25976079 - young man with professional camera isolated on gray background.We strongly believe that your photography skills and talent deserve only the best when it comes to photo prints. This is why we’re dedicated to creating a seamless and effective printing process for all types of photographers. Whether you’re shooting an event or hosting a photo booth, we want you to be able to give your customers beautiful, crisp prints no matter where you are.


Tom Killoran is a professional photographer that spends most of his time photographing special events, including graduations, dances, reunions, gala fundraisers, church events, music and sports competitions. His specialty is instant photography where he offers high-quality 5×7 or 6×8 prints for sale before participants and guests go home from the day’s event. Although his biggest competitor is the camera built into every cell phone, Killoran offers a better vantage point, better composition, better color, and almost as quick a result.


“No one has to wait with a cell phone, and they won’t wait for us… Our success is supported by our Mitsubishi D707 printers. The beauty is they’re so darn fast. We can have 300 prints displayed on our tables, ready to take home in less than half an hour,” he explains.


Killoran says he’s been offering on-site printing for almost 20 years, starting with an early dye-sublimation printer model from another manufacturer. “That was a great printer, but it was heavy and needed a lot of maintenance.” Killoran decided to switch to the Mitsubishi CP-D707DW High Capacity Dual-Deck Digital Printer, one of a kind in the market even today, and eventually purchased 23. The ‘D707’ is small enough to carry to an event, yet it prints 5×7” color photos in under 10seconds. Since each printer has two print engines and two paper feeds, its effective speed is actually double, making it probably the fastest professional photo printer available.


“The D707 opened up an entirely new set of opportunities for us,” Killoran says. For the first time, the firm made the majority of its print sales on-site, and organizations began calling Killoran based on his ability to provide instant prints. “Our business really lit up since we found these printing machines.”


Our printers are made to not only support your business in the present, but also in the future as well. As your business grows, your Mitsubishi printer will be able to grow with you. Each of our printers is specifically designed to enhance your offerings and workflow experience.


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