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Out with the Old, In with the New: Trade Promo Flyers for Selfies!

SelFone Wireless Print Station collateralWhether you’re in the entertainment industry or own a restaurant, at some point you’ve probably handed out flyers to promote your business. Now, with the rise of selfies marketing is taking a turn.

When guests walk out with your flyers and coupons, make sure your promotional content is a keepsake using the photos guests are taking anyways. Here’s how to stay up to date with the latest marketing trend and ditch the promo flyers for good!

Say Goodbye To Traditional Flyers

Promotional flyers have always been used for business owners to promote special offers, or just get their brand name out there.

But you may notice that guests typically throw away the flyers just minutes after leaving the facility or venue. To ensure that your guests hold onto this collateral, make it something a bit more personal. By allowing your guests to print their own photos (essentially creating their own flyers) there’s less chance of these materials ending up in the trash.

Their Photos, Your Message

Imagine all of those photos your guests are already taking at the event. Now you can monetize on those prints! You’ll be able to encourage guests to take selfies and print them immediately, knowing that every photo carries your message. Now, instead of just promotional materials, you’ve created mementos that your guests want to hold onto.

Introducing The SelFone Wireless Print Station

Mitsubishi’s SelFone Wireless Print Station™ lets your guests print their selfies and photos instantly. The station just has 3-easy-steps to operate and is completely self-contained. Guests simply take a photo; connect to the SelFone’s customized WiFi hot spot, and print. You can customize the graphics that show up on each photo, and you control how many photos each guest can print.

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