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Video Wall Case Studies

NYPD Real Time Crime Center – New York, NY

    Products Used:

  • Main Wall: 6 x 3 VS–67XL21U – 67” diagonal DLP® Display Cube

Integration By:

Activu Corporation

The NYPD Real Time Crime Center is a state–of–the–art center for crime fighting that allows the NYPD to view and analyze information like never before. The Crime Center depends on the display system for crime mapping, trend analysis, event monitoring, etc. For crime fighting, the system allows NYPD to view crime and suspect information to speed up the investigation.

The focal point of the NYPD Real Time Crime Center is a ten feet tall, twenty–seven feet wide data wall, with over fourteen million pixels of resolution. The display wall, which consists of eighteen Mitsubishi Electric’s Display Wall 67” Cubes arranged in a near seamless 3 x 6 array, is vital to effectively displaying multiple data sources for correlation and analysis. Mitsubishi Elctric’s projection cubes were chosen for their field-proven reputation for unparalleled image quality and reliability.

The system was designed and integrated by Activu, and allows NYPD operators to display, control and analyze massive amounts of data from the crime data warehouse, which houses billions of public records and police reports. Activu® software also enables multiple data sources to be simultaneously displayed and controlled. This makes it easier for operators to see correlations between data, better understand the big picture and intelligently analyze all available information.