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#1 Best Selling Rear-Projection Cubes in the U.S. for 2017


At the end of an amazing week at InfoComm, Futuresource* announced Mitsubishi Electric is the number one rear-projection cube display wall manufacturer in the U.S.A. for 2017 sales and shipment. Besting the incumbent by over 4 points in market share, selling almost 10% more cubes. This validates the continued dominance of our LED-illuminated rear-projection cubes over the heavily hyped laser-lit cubes.

Mitsubishi LED cubes offer superior performance and longevity largely preferred by veteran control room experts in the USA, recognizing our higher quality, more reliable displays that yields lower total cost of ownership. Click here to view our Display Wall Cubes.

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  • Consumes less power and runs significantly cooler than laser in all operating modes
  • Up to 130,000 hrs. light source rating with virtually zero maintenance in 24/7 operations
  • Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Imaging Technologies
  • Lower initial investment and a lower TCO over a period of 130,000 hrs.


When it comes to control rooms, smart customers choose what’s tested and proven for their display-critical applications. Mitsubishi Electric is the brand you can trust to deliver the displays best fitted for your command and control needs.

Follow the leader. Talk to us today and find out how Mitsubishi’s Display Wall LED Cubes are superior to laser.

*Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and consulting company that has been providing market forecast and intelligence reports about the display wall in the control room market worldwide since 1980 (