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New Year, New Business Tactics

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.34.10 AMSometimes you have to hit the refresh button – in life and in business. Taking a step back and assessing your strategy with a new perspective can really help you find your path in 2018. If you’re in need of some new ideas, test out these three marketing tactics to take your photography business to new heights:



Your customers and audience are already fans of your work. Give them an opportunity to experience it in a different way by creating an e-book. Not only does this give you something a little extra to offer, but it also gives your audience a new way of sharing your work with their friends and family. E-books are a great way to present your product in a unique and creative way that enables current and future customers to engage with your business. It could even assist in a sale by being that last push someone needed to purchase one of your more expensive photos. Since e-books are digital, they can easily be available on your site or given out through a newsletter.



Keeping your customers up-to-date with a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your business top of mind. Whether you’re announcing a sale or promoting your photography blog, newsletters allow you to keep in touch with both current and future customers. It also enables your customers to learn more about your business and creates a sense of community where they feel free to interact with you.


Promotional Keepsakes

If you’re hosting a gallery viewing or working a photo booth, you can make a lasting impression with your customers in a matter of minutes with our Mitsubishi

SelFone Wireless Printing Station. It will provide your customers with promotional keepsakes. Users can take photos on their cell phones, connect to the SelFone’s WiFi hot spot, and print right from where they’re standing!

Every photo can be printed with your business logo, a coupon, or any promotional design you would like. At the end of the day, they walk away with their memories and your business information in hand.

To learn more about the SelPhone Wireless Print Station, visit our website or call one of our sales representatives at 1 (888) 307-0309. This affordable tool will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.