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New Season, New Marketing Tactics: How To Attract A Crowd At Fall Festivals

33508255 - audience at outdoor music festivalWith the first day of Fall right around the corner, festivals are sure to follow. Whether you’ve already signed up as a vendor or are in the process of it, you’ll want to make a plan for attracting a crowd. Get ahead of the curve and utilize these unique tactics:


Host A Wireless Charging Station


A long day at a festival means that hundreds of photos will be taken and phone batteries will inevitably die. However, your business could be the safe haven that everybody seeks if you host a wireless charging station at your booth. Not only will you attract more and more people as the word spreads, but you’ll also have people exposed to your brand for a longer period of time. As they’re waiting for their phone to charge, give them some freebies or create a game they can play.


Collaborate With Other Vendors


Whether you do a joint giveaway or discount, come up with an idea that will benefit both of you. By combining your audience with another vendor’s, you’ll expose your business to people who may have otherwise never seen your products. Always remember to team up with vendors that compliment your business so that their audience will be more likely to take an interest in your business as well.


Set Up A Branded Backdrop


Even if a customer doesn’t make a purchase, they don’t have to leave empty handed. By setting up a branded, photo-worthy backdrop at your booth, you’ll enable people to capture their memories while still interacting with your brand.


Our Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Printing Station will provide your customers with promotional keepsakes. Users can take photos on their cell phones, connect to the SelFone’s WiFi hot spot, and print right from where they’re standing!

Every photo can be printed with your business logo, a coupon, or any promotional design you would like. At the end of the day, they walk away with their memories and your business information in hand.

To learn more about the SelPhone Wireless Print Station, visit our website or call one of our sales representatives at 1 (888) 307-0309. This affordable tool will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.