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Video Wall

Video Wall Case Studies

New Jersey Transit – New Jersey

    Products Used:

  • Main Wall: 177 VS–50XL21U – 50” diagonal DLP® Display Cubes

Integration By:

Activu Corporation

NJ Transit is New Jersey’s public transportation corporation. Its mission is to provide safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective transit service. NJ Transit planned to build a new Rail Operations Center (ROC). Within the ROC would be a vast data display wall to aid in management and control of the railways and power traction. The wall needed to be viewable from both the main floor and mezzanine.

Activu constructed a data display wall consisting of 50” Mitsubishi Electric’s Display Wall rear projection cubes with DLP® technology. The amazing structure is made up of 177 cubes organized in various territory configurations and spans an impressive 1/8th of a mile. The cubes have an excellent contrast ratio and high resolution (364 pixels per sq. inch) which enable operators to view the entire rail system with great clarity. Activu cutting edge software solution for managing large scale, data and video display integrated successfully with the SCADA system.

This new ROC has two viewing areas encompassing train control and power traction. This solution provides a powerful and dynamic means of displaying the vast amount of critical information streaming into the ROC. It also enables operators to pay greater attention to detail and allows for increased versatility by showing the entire rail system.

This solution also provides the scalability necessary (cubes and data can be added at any time) to accommodate future growth without having to replace the existing installation.