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Video Wall

Video Wall Case Studies

Nashville Electric Services (NES) – Nashville, TN

    Products Used:

  • Main Wall: 4 x 2 VS–80PH40U – 80” diagonal DLP® Display Cube

Integration By:

Mauell Corporation

Disasters usually strike unexpectedly, and when they do, NES needs to be on top of the situation. Flooding in Tennessee left 42,000 of their customers without power, submerged three of their substations, and one of their substations caught fire.

According to NES, during this crisis, system operators relied on their two-high-by-four-wide display wall built with Mitsubishi Electric’s VS-80PH40U 80-inch dual-lamp cubes to monitor the schematic overview of its distribution system of switches, breakers, lines, voltages, and currents, as well as news and weather from live video images.

Mauell Corporation, a company that develops customized environments and components essential to the daily operations of a utility control center, was awarded the project by NES. Mauell helped NES study the situation and defined their needs. They gave NES a detailed performance analysis that included product specs, as well was the service history of each cube manufacturer; how design concepts carried over from different product lines; the size of the wall; options; warranty; and support. Ultimately, Mitsubishi Electric cubes’ life cycle cost, viewing angles, and impressive customer service convinced Mauell and NES that a Mitsubishi Electric’s Display Wall were the best choice for optimum performance.