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Mitsubishi Electric Announces CP-D90DW Compact, High-Speed Photo Printer for Photo Booths, Kiosks, Events

CYPRESS, Calif., August 18, 2016 — Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., a pioneer of dye-sublimation printing, announced its newest premium photo printer, the CP-D90DW, designed especially for event photographers and photo booth integrators. It’s robust, compact, easy to use, fast, and prints high-quality photos, even in humid weather.

“Our new CP-D90DW has a wide range of features that make this top-of-the-line printer perfect for photo booths, event photography, and even retail kiosk or production houses,” said James Chan, director, marketing and business planning at the Visual and Imaging Systems Division of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. “It’s easy to set up and use, and clients are always astonished by the quality of the prints, especially when they are ready for handling in mere seconds.”

Mitsubishi Electric is known for the excellent quality of its imaging technology, and the CP-D90DW printer carries on that tradition. Key features include:

  • Flexible power options: The CP-D90DW printer is designed with two built-in power ports, USB 5V or DC 12V, one of which can be used to power a control device, which eliminates the need for additional onsite electrical outlets. The printer works easily with low-powered control devices like iPad®, stick-PCs, Intel® Galileo, Raspberry Pi® computers, Intel® NUCs or Android™ boxes, and even smartphones.
  • On-board digital image processing: the printer itself optimizes images, so there is no need for computers with powerful graphic cards, because the printer does the heavy lifting in creating a photoprint. The control device can be extra quick and responsive with an easy user interface that provides a more satisfying user experience.
  • Compact form factor: The printer’s built-in cable channel offers a neat and tidy installation, even in tight spaces like standalone kiosks.
  • Six print sizes from one spool: With its efficient rewind function, the CP-D90DW offers cost saving and workflow efficiency. Users can print 300 dpi images, glossy or matte, and maximize the number of prints per roll when switching between print sizes and/or print counts. The unique rewind function allows the Mitsubishi CP-D90DW to print on an unused portion of the media, which helps users save money.
  • Humidity Sensor: Humid conditions can be the bane of outdoor event printing; the CP-D90DW’s sensor automatically adjusts for humidity and creates stable, detailed, high-quality photos.
  • Optimized print speeds: The Image Analyzing Engine of Mitsubishi’s CP-D90DW printer automatically evaluates image data and executes the fastest print speed for that image, i.e. light-color images print faster than dark or densely colored images. There is no need for any user intervention in tweaking contrast or adjusting color balance, so photographers can set up backdrops, shoot and print to deliver high-quality photos in the hands of guests quickly.


Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. expects to be shipping the CP-D90DW in September. It comes with a three-year limited warranty on parts and labor, with Express Advance Replacement during the first year. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit site for complete warranty information. For a complete line of high quality, high speed dye sub photo printers from Mitsubishi Electric, please visit

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