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Maverick Aviation Group

Using six Mitsubishi CP-9550DW photographic printers at three locations throughout Nevada, Maverick Aviation Group has added another level of value to its helitour business and improved its bottom line. Employees can take pictures of their customers in front of the helicopters before take-off, present an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon and then provide high-quality, on-site photo printing immediately upon landing.

According to John Mandernach, vice president of maintenance for Maverick Aviation Group, his company is one of the largest helicopter-operating businesses in Nevada with a fleet of 34 EC130 helicopters giving tours throughout the day.

Maverick Aviation Group gives up to 40 tours a day from each of their three locations, and expects to print between 300-400 instant photos per day. As a high-speed, high-volume dye-sublimation printer capable of consistently printing a high number of pictures over an extended period of time with low operating costs, the Mitsubishi Electric CP-9550DW is the perfect fit for their business.

“There are a lot of benefits to using the Mitsubishi Electric professional photo printers,” Mandernach said. “The ease of operation, ease of loading the color film cartridges and the speed are just a few. We love everything about them.”

The Mitsubishi professional photo printers allow Maverick Aviation Group to instantly offer keepsakes to every customer, and in doing so, increase revenue.